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disrupting custom batteries

we reduce custom battery development cost and time by 10×
accelerating the transition to a clean economy

leveraging generative design and flexible manufacturing,
we are automating design and manufacture of custom batteries to dramatically reduce costs and unlock the electrification of everything

we believe everyone should have access to their perfect battery,

without the barriers of expensive development and long lead times


I want a battery with

unbeatable lead time
upgradeable performance
all these benefits
optimised shape
minimal development cost

we are developing battery products that can be customised in both geometry and performance using our unique low tooling processes

pre-characterisation and validation through simulation means rapid lead times and 90% fewer physical tests per customer


I'm looking for a battery for a


the right expertise to deliver


Forbes 30 under 30, Murray headed up electrification at EV pioneer Forseven, and led battery development for Arrival, building a battery design, testing, and delivery team from scratch delivering fully validated battery products in volume to certified vehicles.

Murray Schofield

  • LinkedIn

Designed and delivered volume battery products for multiple vehicles


Doug led technology strategy at Arrival, delivering the UK's biggest ever tech listing (Nasdaq $13.6bn). Inventor of key enabling technologies including modular design, electronics and power systems, manufacturing automation and robotics.

Doug Morton

  • LinkedIn

Experienced venture builder, technology architect and inventor


Following years in engineering of high-performance composites, Tom led the implementation & operation of Arrival's initial EV battery line. With expertise in programme management & operations, Tom is committed to customer satisfaction, operational excellence, & continuous improvement.

Tom Brooks

  • LinkedIn

Managed battery programmes, setup production lines and operations

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